The Groupie Chic

Introducing our latest innovation: The Rhythm Bag. This custom made purse, or personal handbag, is perfect for the stylish musician. Forged from a real drum and hardware, this bag is comfortable, accessible, and a unique eye-catcher. Contact us to find out how you can get your very own Rhythm Bag!


Ludwig Jazz Festival snare & original case

This stunning Ludwig snare with the rare blue and olive sharp pointed badge was a gorgeous find. Not only did it look like it had not been out of the case in 40 years but it sounded amazing too. This one is SOLD but is a great example of the kind of vintage pieces we are always on the look out for. Let us know what your looking for and we will keep an eye out for it for you. 

Custom Build: Cafe Kit

This custom cafe kit was built from a drum kit that had seen better days. It was completely dismanteled. Skins removed the wood was cleaned and stained red and clear coated multiple times to give it a beautiful and tough exterior. This kit now fits perfectly in small venues that may not normally have the space for a drumkit. 

This kit is available on our Instagram and pages. Contact us for more information. 

Restored Ludwig Rockers!

Absolutely stunning drum kit. If you love that 80’s rock sound this is the kit for you. This kit is available for sale as a complete 6 piece kit or each drum individually.

We currently have a total of 6 pieces available. 

12″ x 11″ Mounted Tom, SN: 6083709 

13″ x 12″ Mounted Tom, SN: 6083742

14″ x 13″ Mounted Tom, SN: 6084154

16″ x 16″ Floor Tom, SN: 6083745

Ludwig Rocker Dual Tom Mount 

22″ x 16″ Bass Drum, SN: 6083898

Ludwig Rocker Dual Tom Mount 

22″ x 16″ Bass Drum, SN: 6084110


We have a wide selection of heads, hardware, snare wires, brand new sticks, stands, pedals, thrones, cymbals. Let us know what your looking for. We are always adding inventory and it varies so it is not all going to be posted. Follow our instagram page and we will post the latest items and any specials there. 


We believe that every drum has a life to offer, even after its musical life has come to an end. We have turned drums into beautiful works of art and functional features, including decorative shelves (shown), rising coffee tables, toy boxes, and so much more!

Please contact us if you would like your old drums to be upcycled or if you are looking for that rhythmic touch to your space. We also have several premade upcycling pieces listed in our shop at