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Dinner Jam: Foodies

We were delighted to have some local legends join us for a thrilling night of food and music. Join Jim & Judy, formerly of Jim & Judy's Big Ass Jam, Frankie Skubna, of Jessie's in Winter Haven Florida, and Mike Hall, as we sit down to enjoy some delicious food, good conversation, and lively music.

Roadkill Dinner Jam: Drummer's Delight

A Bulltooth Media Production

Meet Robert McLaughlin. As humble as he is talented, Robert joined us for a beautiful dinner, drum session, and some fun in-depth discussions on inspirational drummers, kits, makers, and Roadkill Custom's project drums including the Shiners Floor Tom. 

Join us next month when we have the locally famous Jim & Judy, their protege Frankie, and Mike for a full band extravaganza complete with a full course dinner!